Comic Thoughts Favorite Games

 1.  Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game
 2.  Descent
 3.  Race for the Galaxy
 4.  Dominion
 5.  Last Night on Earth
 6.  Shadow Hunters
 7.  Warhammer Invasion
 8.  Star Wars Miniatures
 9.  Settlers of Catan
10.  Memoir 44
      Red November
      VS System
      Battle Ball
      G.I. Joe TCG
      Robo Rally
      Tide of Iron
      Middle Earth Quest
      World of WarCraft: The Adventure Game
      B-Movie Games
      Snow Tails
      Torches & Pitchforks
      Magic the Gathering

Family Games

 1.  Racko
 2.  Sorry Revenge
 3.  Dominion
 4.  Clue: the Card Game
 5.  G.I. Joe: TCG
 6.  Snow Tails
 7.  Igor: Life of the Party
 8.  Torches & Pitchforks
 9.  Farkle
10.  Yachtzee

"Regular" Card Games
 1. Spades
 2. Hearts
 3. Hand and Foot
 4. Texas Hold 'Em

Gaming Glossary:

CCG:  Collectible Card Game, cards obtained randomly in booster packs
CMG:  Collectible Miniatures Game, figures are obtained randomly in packs
LCG:  Living Card Game, fixed cards obtained in battle packs
TCG:  Trading Card Game, cards obtained randomly in booster packs

Please note that I have a card sleeving disease. All games in the video summaries did not come sleeved, so please do not misinterpret that sleeves come with the game. Also due to the volume of games I am involved with in my gaming group, some of our rules interpretations may differ from other groups and official FAQ. Forgive me in advance for any misguidance.


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