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Game of Thrones: The Card Game


Published by:  Fantasy Flight Games
Year published:  2008
# of Players:  2-6
Playing Time:  ~1 hour
Suggested Ages:  13+
Category:  LCG

Comic Thoughts ... Thoughts:

Rating:  5 out of 5 Stars

Summary:  Based on the books by George R.R. Martin.

Pros/Cons:  Great constructible card game for multi-player.

Recommendations:  For casual and serious gamers.

Official Website:  Fantasy Flight Games

Banned Cards:

A Clash of Arms
   F43    Jaqen H'ghar
   F106  Compelled by the Rock
Defenders of the North
   F119  Blood of the First Men

Restricted Cards:

A player may select 1 card from the restricted list for any given deck, and cannot then play any other restricted cards in the same deck. A player may run as many copies of his chosen restricted card in a deck as the regular game rules (or card text) allow.

A Clash of Arms
   F13   Pyromancer's Cache
   F25   Fury of the Wolf
   F26   Fury of the Lion
   F27   Fury of the Stag
   F28   Fury of the Kraken
   F29   Fury of the Dragon
   F30   Fury of the Sun
   F93   Castellan of the Rock
King's Landing
   F115  Venomous Blade
Defenders of the North
   F40    Fear of Winter
   F112  Burning on the Sand
   F117  Val
Kings of the Storm
   F48    Narrow Escape
Secrets of Oldtown
   F5     The Laughing Storm